Dried Products

Twin Pine Farm products are all vegan and Beyond Organic , grown using no herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. Our dried products are currently available at our on-site store and online through the Sage Gecko .

Use Twin Pine dried herbs and veggies in your own dips, soups, or make your own dried camp meals. Great at home or on the trail!

Our dried products begin with our delicious hydroponic vegetables; even when dried they have a flavor superior to other brands. Dried veggie chips are delicious out of the bag as a snack. Use them in soups, chili, salads, cheese spreads, dips, pesto, salsas, or stir fry. To create a flavored oil for stir fry or salad, slice or mince & soak in olive oil.

Fresh Dried Catnip
Fresh Dried Herbs and Asian Greens

Premium Select Basil, Catnip, and Greens. Fresh-Dried within hours of harvest, you can't find cleaner, more nutritious herbs, for you or your cat!

Our Asian Greens and herbs are Beyond Organic with no undesirable stems or fillers, and no preservatives.

Dried Tomato Chips

Dried tomatoes have an intense tomato flavor and a crisp texture. If you have been disappointed with sun-dried tomatoes from your grocery store, our tomato chips will be a delightful surprise! Dried tomatoes are only as good as the fresh product, and our tomatoes are the best!

Our crisp tomato chips are dried to a 3 to 5% moisture content, unlike store brands which contain approximately 15% moisture. The flavor and nutritional value of our chips will last far longer than other brands due to lower moisture. Drier chips mean more tomato for your dollar--a great value!


Pure Heirloom Tomato Powder

Ain't nothing but heirloom tomatoes here. Ideal for soups, pasta, chili, or any time you want an intense, full tomato flavor in a meal without overcooking.

Another great addition to your camp kitchen or at home. Store in an airtight container at room temperature or may be frozen.

Dried Cucumber Chips

Dried Cucumber Chips
These chips are made from premium English Burpless cucumbers. Unlike common garden varieties, the skins on these cukes are mild, not bitter.

Like our tomato chips, our cucumbers are dried to a low moisture content for best flavor and superior storability. Soups, salads, and stews benefit from these beauties. Pack these dried cucumber chips for a lightweight, nutritious addition to your camp meals.